Sunday, September 18, 2011

dream catching.

one month? yeah, i've been gone that long. i've had a lot to do this past month and as i write this, i can't even describe the amount of stress i'm under. i have too many papers to write, too many hours to work, and on top of that - my mom and i just blew up in a fight.

great month.

i feel like this "fashion" dream is taking me no where. i have such drive, but no one will give my my big break. i just need that one person. any takers? didn't think so. i know i should expect this, but until you've been through this, don't say shit.

i'm too stressed for this. i think i may have a career change coming my way. it sucks, but i can barely afford anything here. and if fashion isn't working out, something's gotta change. i should be chasing my dreams, i know, but let's be realistic- new york sucks right now. designers, models, actors, singers... all the people who have made it "big" all have some connection to either someone who is already famous or they come from a fuck-load of money. i have neither.

so that's me being me. i don't like living off of scraps and i need a change. i need help.

hope your life doesn't suck.

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