Saturday, October 22, 2011

booking it backwards.

hey there. so i've been talking about my life in this blog. also about how lame it's been. and i'm kind of having problems now because as much as i love fashion, i can barely make ends meet here in new york. my parents tell me daily to move back home. i might have to soon and that sucks. anyway, cheers to the fucking weekend.

inspire yourself. get new sunnies.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

fashion week of my life.

hey followers. so this post is about some fashion i've seen around that i like. you may hate it and that's cool. it's fashion. it's interpretive. again, not taking cred for pictures.

fashion is overwhelming for some folks, so i decided to show the pieces that could easily be worn for the normal person. 

these are all from the spring 2012 lines, various designers. take a look.

one of my favorites - betsey johnson. killer.

just another - alexander wang.

one of the most wearable collections - alice + olivia.

safari-inspired, with limited wearable pieces - michael kors.

neon power - christian siriano.

so that's my take on spring 2012. comment below- like the looks and trends? or not? write it below.