Thursday, August 4, 2011

new york city baby.

hey you out there. maybe some of you know me from my previous blog, which lasted a total of one day? maybe you don't. see, here's the thing. i hate technology. i delete one profile because i just wanted to start it over fresh and everything gets deleted. all my contacts, my blog....everything.

so here i am re-telling you out there a lil bit about me. i'm a college student and i'm obsessed with fashion. i have a dream to make it big one day, just like millions of other girls. yeah, you can tell me all you want that i'll never make it, but i wont ever give up. i am one of those millions of girls and goddamnit i'm proud of it. i moved to new york city to pursue this "dream". nothing has happened yet. i live in a crappy apartment in the city and you know how they say it sucks to live in nyc if you can't afford it? well, now i know what they meant.

as for my family... well, they're not so supportive of my dream. my dad said that because i am just one of these millions of girls chasing a dream, the chances of me making it are slim to none. my mom basically told me that fashion, modeling, acting... jobs in the entertainment industry basically... are not the way to go. did i listen? hell no. i packed up and left right after high school and i haven't looked back since.

so what's my style? i'm very boho. with a little rocker. i don't give a damn if people think i'm not preppy enough. i like my style. soo take a look at what style, to me, is about: (not taking credit for the photo, so chill out.)
that's my life in a post. minus a few details. so whoever "you" are out there, thanks for reading. cheers.

live every week like its shark week.